IABA World Turku 2022
Life-Writing: Imagining the Past, Present and Future

14–17 June 2022
Turku, Finland

SELMA: Centre for the Study of Storytelling, Experientiality and Memory warmly welcomes you to the next IABA World 2022 conference held at the University of Turku in early June 2022. The conference will be organized jointly by SELMA, the University of Turku, the Åbo Akademi, the city of Turku and the Finnish Literature Society.

As an interdisciplinary research centre, SELMA explores the interrelations between storytelling, experientiality and cultural memory and aims at crossing the borders between research and artistic creativity. Our conference theme arises from the concepts central to research in SELMA: memory, narrative and experience. We particularly welcome an exploration of the historical dimensions and meanings of life-writing. With history, we also mean the presence and politics of history as well as expectations on the future. We invite not only traditional conference papers but also unconventional conference presentations and panels as well as artistic performances.

We look forward to seeing scholars and artists from all over the world in Turku. Turku can easily be reached via Helsinki, Stockholm and Riga from Europe, Asia and the Americas!

You can find out more about the conference topics, keynotes and other developments on this website and on Facebook.

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